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Investment Analyst Intern


1. What was your role & how long were you with Genesis?
“I was an Investment Analyst Intern in Genesis for 6 months”.

2. What did you learn from this internship?
“I have learned a lot from the team: analyzing deals, drafting the investment committee memo,
presenting the memo to the team, and understanding more on the ESG and impact aspect on the
business. At the same time, I was glad to be involved in planning the Genesis Forum, which was an
eye-opening experience for me to learn how to plan for a hybrid event”.

3. Any tips for incoming interns?
”I will always remember the spirit of the team,which is-Ask when everybody need something.You
don’t ask,you don’t know.When you ask,the worst thing that you will get is just a rejection”.

4. Why Genesis?
”It was an amazing experience working with the Genesis team as everyone in the team is very
helpful and nurturing.I believe that Genesis has helped me grow into a better personal both the
individual and the professional levels. Genesis has a huge potential to grow as venture debt is
starting to be valued and acknowledged by the Southeast Asia society.The good culture and
nurturing team are other perks that I have enjoyed during my time in Genesis”

Digital Marketing Intern
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