The Genesis of Venture Debt, Globally.

Venture debt first emerged in the 1970’s in the form of simple equipment financing transactions and were primarily collateral driven until the mid-80s where the concept of using an “equity kicker” to increase yield in order to balance higher risk profiles. In 2016, global Venture Capital funds invested $26 billion into companies with at least $2.5 billion representing venture debt, nearly 10% of the overall market.

Here in Southeast Asia and notably Singapore, venture debt financing gain prominence in 2015 and is fast becoming a staple of alternative financing to fill a capital gap left void by traditional financial institutions. This method of funding is particularly effective for rapidly growing innovative businesses in need of external investment to underpin their next stage of growth. Young businesses with a limited or no track record of profitability usually struggle to borrow money from conventional sources, even where they have exciting prospects. Banks are generally wary of the risks posed by these start-ups and tend to steer clear, creating a financing gap which Genesis Alternative Ventures seek to fill.

Our Story

Genesis was founded by a partnership with strong passion in venture lending, having started their venture lending career in Southeast Asia for Southeast Asia companies. Our partners have deep experience in Venture Capital, Private Equity, Entrepreneurship, Legal, Corporate – and most critically, Venture Lending.

Genesis serves the needs of entrepreneurs who are seeking alternative financing and private investors looking to invest into a venture capital asset class with different fund return profile and fund life.

We’ve been lending and can structure flexible debt financing to suit entrepreneurs’ growing phases of business and build a successful venture. We are in it together with you.


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