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  • Please click here to view the common FAQs
Please click here to view the common FAQs


1. What is the difference between an Internship and Fellowship with Genesis?
– Fellowship positions are offered to candidates with 3 or more years of full-time work experience or
applicants with graduate degrees
– Internship positions are offered to candidates who are undergraduate students from University or

2. What is the interview process like? Will I be notified if I get rejected?
– There are 2 interviews–the Initial interview is conducted by a Genesis Investment Manager. Strong
candidates will move on to a second interview with one of the Principals at Genesis.
– Candidates will receive notice of acceptance or rejection within a week from their interview date.

3. Will Genesis provide a letter of recommendation after the Internship or Fellowship?
– Yes, where your work performance has been good, Genesis will be happy to provide you with a letter of
recommendation. The letter of recommendation may come from the intern/fellow’s manager, mentor, or
another staff member who is familiar with their work.

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