Internships at Genesis

Why intern at Genesis?

At Genesis, we are proud of our fully immersive programme where interns get put through the same pace and rigour as though you are a full-time analyst in the firm. We believe you will learn best by getting involved in real projects. Therefore, you will work closely with a deal manager to take a deal from origination to execution. You will find yourself making deal presentations to the senior leadership team and investment committee.

Our culture is open, inquisitive, and collaborative. And we look for people who are self-motivated and want to make a positive impact.

Roles & Responsibilities

– Participate in the end-to-end dealflow from origination to due diligence culminating in a deal presentation to investment committee

– Provide analytical support as part of the investment team, which includes assimilating diligence items, ensuring accuracy and validity of data, evaluating financial performance and running financial models. This also includes reviewing investment pitches, analyzing company’s positioning and developing a qualitative understanding of critical success factors for the business.

– Help to maintain the internal deal database to ensure accurate and timely contact/company information

Learning Outcomes & Objectives

–  Understand the importance of venture debt in the capital structure of a fast-paced start-up

–  Learn how to qualify a start-up, analyse the financial statements and prepare a case to present to the investment head.

–  Gain valuable on-the-job experience of how the venture technology industry functions

–  Write and present professionally in a venture and social media environment


–   Willing to learn, enjoys start-up culture and wants to be part of a fun, ambitious team that thrives in an entrepreneurial tech environment

–  Ability to multi-task and work in a fast-paced environment. Willing to invest time to turn around an urgent piece of work

– Proficient in Notion, Microsoft Word, Excel, and PowerPoint. Intermediate to advanced Excel and PowerPoint skills highly valued.

–  Current undergraduate with some prior investment banking, venture capital or credit internship experience would be a bonus.


Class of 2024 Interns

“As I am looking to break into the VC and startup space, my internship at Genesis proved invaluable. From Day One, the team was proactive in making my learning experience fulfilling. They frequently included me in meetings with subject matter experts across industries, providing invaluable insights. Through due diligence analysis and participation in ad-hoc projects, I gained both technical and soft skills essential for the VC and startup world.”

– Investment Analyst Intern, Ryan Tan

Class of 2022 Interns

Excellent mentorship, real opportunities for growth and a family culture. Genesis and everyone I have worked with over these few months will forever hold a special place in my heart.

– Investment Analyst Intern, Cui Jing, National University of Singapore

“My time at Genesis has been nothing short of amazing. I am thankful for the many opportunities to gain exposure and be involved in the different aspects of a venture debt firm. Not to mention the pleasure of working with the most nurturing, encouraging, and empowering team at Genesis!”

– Investment Analyst Intern,  Regine Ong, National University of Singapore

“My experience at Genesis was definitely insightful. Under the patient guidance from the team, I was involved in a wide range of deals, enabling me to be engaged from the start to the end of the deal flow. Apart from the technical exposure, I built my communication skills and confidence levels from interacting with the management team of the start-ups! “

– Investment Analyst Intern, Brenda Lim, National University of Singapore

“The amazing team at Genesis definitely holds a special place in my heart. I am so grateful for all the exposure and learning opportunities. I was actively involved in the end-to-end deal flow process, and one of my deals was even approved by the investment committee!”

– Investment Analyst Intern, Evadne Ong, Nanyang Technological University

  • Class of 2021 Interns
Class of 2021 Interns

“The amazing and friendly team at Genesis has definitely been the highlight of my internship. The senior members are always willing to guide and share their perspectives and experiences. With the support of my manager, i even pitched a live deal to the investment Committee.”

– Investment Analyst Intern Kwek Kang Ying, Nanyang Technological University

“My internship was an invaluable experience as i gained a lot of experience of digital marketing in the VC world.” in addition to creating content, managing social media accounts, and helping out with the planning of Genesis’ annual forum, i gained exposure in the technical aspects of VC funding and deal flow.”

– Digital Marketing Intern Sandra Tang, Singapore Management University

Internships at Portfolio Companies

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