Partner Martin Tang talks to David Kim, CEO Roundtable Bridging Asia podcast host and seasoned banking professional, about his career journey and the use case of venture debt.

In summary:

    • A venture debt is a loan for start-ups to minimise the dilution of founders and early shareholders’ equity stake.
    • Venture debt has been in Southeast Asia for six years; still relatively young compared to US and Europe.
    • We will stand on the shoulders of these giants and learn how to accelerate development.
    • Venture loans work similarly to mortgage loans in that the principal and interest are repaid in equal measure. Usually there is no collateral as startups usually do not have collateral.
    • Genesis’ investment philosophy focused on Southeast Asia; agnostic of sector but must have impact and ESG components.

Read the full interview in the Korea Economic Daily (Korean) here.

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Ben J Benjamin shares with Prof Claudia Zeisberger, Professor of Entrepreneurship & Family Enterprise at INSEAD about the type of start-ups venture debt funds like Genesis prefer  to invest in – funding stage, industry, business model and geographical location.


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A great insightful discussion with Ben J Benjamin from Genesis Alternative Ventures on the state of the funding climate in SEA and the role of Venture Debt!

When talking about fundraising the first type of funds entrepreneurs usually talk about is equity financing, let’s call it the typical VC fundraising route. But depending on the stage your startup is in, debt financing might be a good fit.

With a maturing tech-ecosystem, growing companies, bigger needs for working capital, and more profitability (or at least road to profitability) the need for alternatives to equity financing grows as well. Debt financing is a great option to explore.

Listen to the full episode here.


Welcome back to our webinar series, #GENZOOMS. In this episode, we will share stories about how our behaviours have changed from ‘Life after COVID’ to ‘Life with COVID’. So how does that change how we live, work, and shop, especially with the gradual re-opening of economies? Will e-Commerce spell the demise of retail? Will WFH mean that CoWorking spaces are irrelevant? What will CoLiving mean when there is social distancing?

Our host Martin Tang invited three panellists to dig more insights and stories about the situation.

  • Irwan Mussry, President and CEO of Time International
  • Vanessa Hendriadi, CEO and Co-Founder of GoWork
  • Sagar Khatri, VP and Corporate Development of Hmlet

There’s a good insight from Irwan Mussry where he stated that the e-Commerce and the brick and mortar should go hand in hand. And at the same time, Vanessa said that the flexible work arrangement is definitely here to stay.

Watch the full stories in the video below.

Watch the first episode of #GENZOOMS here: link


We are very delighted to have our second episode of #GENZOOMS webinar series. In the past months we’ve noticed a lot of startups continue to raise money, despite the gloomy business outlook that accompanies the coronavirus. Are they lucky? Or did they simply have a well-executed fundraising plan?

Our host Martin Tang invited four panellists to uncover the secrets and get their insights and stories about the situation.

  • Steve Melhuish, Venture Partner of Wavemaker Partners 
  • Junxian Lee, Co Founder of Moovaz
  • Kristin Lim, Director and Investments of Fundnel
  • Velisarios Kattoulas, CEO of Lanturn

Junxian Lee emphasised one of the important things is steadying the ship, and still being able to confident about the business model, and identified the areas that we need to tweak moving forward. That is helpful in giving investors’ confidence.

Discover the full stories in the video below.

Watch the third episode of #GENZOOMS here: link


Introducing our new webinar series, #GENZOOMS! Via Zoom, we’ll share stories of hope & success, as well as tips to help the businesses survive. For the first episode, we took a close look at how the COVID-19 situation has forced Real Estate professionals to digitalise, perhaps far more than non-insiders could have imagined possible. The industry has come a very long way and is beginning to show green shoots of hope.

Our host Martin Tang invited four panellists to talk about the Real Estate industry’s current situation.

  • Bruce Wells, Managing Director APAC of Matterport
  • Eugene Lim, Director, Marketing & Sales of Oxley Holdings Limited
  • Jason Gregory Managing Director of PropertyGuru FastKey
  • Richard Lin Asia Pacific Top Achiever from ERA Realty Network Ltd.

It was a very insightful discussion where people in the real estate sector are thriving through uncertainty with a digital approach using a new platform and be able to sell from home.

If you’ve found this first episode enlightening, sign up for our next Zoom webinar here. In the next episode, we will speak to business owners who have successfully fundraised for their startups amidst COVID-19. It will be led by Fundnel and Lanturn, our partners for this webinar series. 


Genesis Alternative Ventures and PT Bank CIMB Niaga in collaboration with GoWork Indonesia is organizing a panel discussion for start-ups and VCs! This is a great opportunity for you to explore the concept of venture debt and learn to tap on an additional source of financing for growing your start-up business.

This panel will explore the concept of venture debt: What is venture debt, Who can raise venture debt and Why venture debt is attractive for a growing start-up. Hear from Genesis Alternative Ventures – Southeast Asia’s 1st Private Venture Debt Fund on how the fund is bringing venture debt to start-ups in Indonesia together with its strategic banking partner CIMB Niaga. GoWork will share its experience on raising venture debt and Openspace Ventures will talk about a VC’s view on the venture capital ecosystem. CIMB Niaga will also share about how banking has transformed for the new economy businesses and the new banking products that suit the business needs of start-ups.

Please register here to confirm your spot.

Details of the event can be found below:


Venue: GoWork Plaza Indonesia

Date: 1st July 2019


6—7pm: Registration, Networking and light refreshments

7-745pm: Panel session

745-815pm: Q&A

815-9pm: Networking and drinks